What We Do

No one ever wants to be in need of counsel for a criminal defense situation. But if you find yourself in these circumstances, Willoughby & Associates can provide the affordable legal support you need to win your case.

We represent people of all backgrounds and from every socio-economic class, in cases that range from murder to local misdemeanors. As we fight tirelessly to protect your rights and keep you out of prison, you gain confidence that you have some of the field’s best attorneys working on your behalf.

Additionally, each case receives the dedicated attention of a senior attorney, not junior-level staff. Because when your freedom is at stake, you want to be sure you’re receiving the smartest and most devoted counsel possible. This is what you receive with Willoughby & Associates.

Our criminal defense practice includes:

Credit card fraud
Domestic violence
Drug-related crimes
Medical marijuana
Terrorist threats
Theft crimes

When you need someone to protect your innocence and liberty, contact Willoughby & Associates. We are the affordable criminal defense attorneys who can help win your case.

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